The best natural coconut charcoal for your hookah

The best natural coconut charcoal for your Shisha The adequate choice of charcoal for “cooking” your Shisha tobacco in your bowl is very important for the result of the taste of the steam that your hookah will produce. Many hookah users choose the quick-lighting charcoals to light their hookah in less than 5 minutes and […]

What kinds of hookah charcoal are there?

traditional hookah hot coals for shisha

Kinds of hookah charcoal for your Shisha In Hookah Shop Greece we know everything about hookah charcoal, and we love to share this useful information with you. The charcoals are one of the most functional elements of the hookah, as they will “cook” your tobacco in order to create the steam, soaked with the taste […]

How to make a natural Shisha fruit bowl

Shisha With Fruit Bowl With Colorful Smoke In Hookah Bar Closeup

Shisha fruit bowl, how to make it.   The operation of a hookah is so adaptable that it easily allows the development of creative techniques to enhance the taste of your tobacco. Hookah shop Greece has lots of creative ideas, and we want to share them with you! One of the smartest and most famous […]

Differences between dark and blond Hookah Tobacco?

Hookah tobacco bowls shisha

Shisha Tobacco But what are the actual differences between dark and blond Hookah Tobacco? When it comes to choosing the right Shisha tobacco from a Hookah shop, you are often faced with a multitude of brands, combinations of tastes, and different colors and sizes, with the two main types being blonde and dark tobacco. It […]

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