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Alpha Hookah

Alpha Hookahs produced in St. Petersburg manufactory, Russia.

Designer models of premium quality Shisha, compact mini-hookahs for easy transportation, stylish accessories for smoking from the AlphaHookah brand will delight even the most demanding Shisha fans.

These are compact and popular hookahs at an affordable price, made of aluminum, stainless steel, and plastic

The hose is made of durable silicone. It has a magnetic connector. In the case of anodized aluminum when ordering, you can choose a lining of any color.

Alpha Hookah logo is printed on the saucer.

Alpha Shisha with the original purge is available in different versions

Alpha Hookah produces the following models:

  1. Model -S
  2. Model-S mini Hookah
  3. Model X
  4. Model Kappa
  5. Model Omega
  • Model S and Mini – in the classic version, with the function of a built-in valve for adjusting the strength and removing excess smoke;
  • Kappa – powder coated parts for durable operation and the presence of a diffuser;
  • Omega – is a Shisha with a shock-proof glass;
  • Model X, is an inexpensive model with a lightweight, only 42 cm high.

Distinctive features of Alpha Hookah:

  • 8 vertical holes provide working of the original valve system
  • Dismountable diffuser for changing from a classic blow to effortlessly blow (open draw)
  • The stem is fully collapsible with threaded connections
  • Completed with black soft-touch silicone hose and aluminum mouthpiece in the color of the stem comes with a transparent glass base named «droplet»
  • Hose connects to the stem port by a magnet
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