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BigMaks Hookah Greece

At a time when the hookah industry in Russia was developing at a rapid pace, Maxim was one of those people who were in search of the best coals that would meet all the quality parameters.

Testing brand after brand, Maxim not only worked out the ideal recipe for the desired product for himself but also realized that the best coal can be made independently, primarily for himself. So, coal after coal, a company called BigMaks was built.

More than five years have passed since the brand was created (December 2015 – the birth of the BigMaks company). This time was enough to increase the range of assortments, starting to produce hookahs, bowls, and flasks, cementing its own name in the hookah industry. up to this day, “BigMaks” is famous for the quality of the goods. Our outstanding feature is the creation of coal that does not have the property of crumbling and keeps heat as long as possible because “BigMaks” is a brand created by people for people who knows all the intricacies of the art of building a perfect product in Shisha world.

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