MattPear Hookah

MattPear Hookah

The uniqueness of the MattPear shisha is in detail. They are made of stainless steel. To be more precise, the hookah details are made from the world leader in acid and thermos stability. For this, it is so appreciated in all spheres of industrial production.

Hookahs have a memorable and stylish appearance. Thanks to this, it will become a pearl in any interior. You can buy a hookah MattPear to your liking, and our company will help you.

MattPear Hookah design

Now producers of Mattpear are one of the leaders in the Russian market. The design of a hookah can be and nominal. The producer may apply an engraving or logo on the product. This will emphasize individuality and make the hookah more valuable.

Details of the hookah

Components for hookah Matt Pear are standard. There are necessary:

  • cone under the bowl;
  • sauser;
  • shaft (upper and lower shafts);
  • coat of shaft;
  • ground;
  • baffle gate;
  • plastic small ball for the gate;
  • connector for hose;
  • diving hose;
  • seals.

Price of Matt Pear

In Hookah Shop Greece you can buy a hookah MattPear at a price worthy of this art.
Apart you are a beginner or a hookah lover with an impressive experience, chances are that the hookah Matt Pear will become one of your favorites. Details of a hookah are movable and they can be washed. He is not afraid of corrosion or rotting. Stainless steel perfectly prevents all the negative consequences of moisture from entering the hookah. Thanks to this, all details can be washed smoothly with running water.

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