Shisha Original water pipes Hookah

Shisha Original water pipes

Shisha Original, are luxury Hookahs for Shisha enthusiastic.

Mouthpieces are made from wood, as the best grip and comfort actually come from wood. Polished to radiance, cut to perfection, impregnated with multiple layers of varnish, and decorated with a unique pattern, all done in maple or walnut wood.

The large Porcelain surface of the Shisha body provides space for creativity without borders. The unique shape creates unique refraction of light thanks to its basic geometry and demands attention, giving the Shisha Original its constant radiance and the whiteness of a swan’s feathers.

All of the metal components of the shisha Original are made from high-quality non-toxic stainless steel. The carefully designed components lend Shisha Original its uniqueness and a touch of luxury in every puff. They are easy to clean and treated with non-toxic nanotechnology for better cleaning and maintenance.

A high-quality vase made of first-rate Czech Crystal glass is characterized for its superior quality, easy maintenance, and world-class exclusivity. By using Bohemian Crystal glass, it’s the only way to guarantee the highest level of durability and quality.

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