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Werkbund Hookah

The Werkbund Handcraft Hookah manufactures very special pieces of jewelry for real shisha lovers. Each individual Werkbund product is handmade and therefore unique. 

The WERKBUND Hookah is a true work of art, each model is unique and handmade in Russia. Each Werkbund Hookah has a unique code and comes with a clay vase that is strengthened from the inside to guarantee its impermeability. The clay keeps the water at a cooler temperature for longer than a glass vase. The stem of the hookah is in wood and reinforced by a stainless steel tube.

If you know Werkbund, then you know that you can expect top quality from them.

Werkbund Shisha Bowls, are handcrafted Egyptian inspired hookah bowls made from black clay. They hold 15-20 grams. Now in black stone-clay. Incredible durability.

The Werkbund Phunnel is made from three different types of clay and goes through three firing processes to perfectly stabilize and harden the head. This tobacco head distributes the heat optimally and convinces with the high quality of the sound. With this Phunnel head attachments such as the Kaloud Lotus, Amy Smokebox and many more can be used. If you want to go more the traditional way, you can of course use the head with aluminum foil.


Hookah Bowls

Werkbund Lion Bowl

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