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Wookah Hookah Greece

WOOKAH is the link of two words: wood and hookah. Your wooden hookah, made of several types of wood, both domestic and exotic, makes each piece Shisha unique.

This is the 2015 “Product of the Year” at the ShishaMesse trade show in Frankfurt, Germany. Apart from wood, Wookah uses such materials as stainless steel, natural leather, lead-free crystal glass, glass, and ceramic. Glues, lacquers, and the secret material that they use for the interior of hookahs are certified to use with potable water. Wookah shishas are chiefly handmade, but more detailed pieces are made using CNC machines.

These superior wooden hookahs stand out with unusual shapes and profound precision of the handmaking process. You can choose from carefully selected wood and combine it with either a wooden bowl of the same kind, subtle glass base, or sophisticated lead-free crystal vase.

Wookah products are divided into collections: WOOKAH Original, WOOKAH Classic, WOOKAH Colored and WOOKAH Premium.

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