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Zocomo charcoal in Greece

The popular tobacco manufacturer Zomo is now launching its Hookah charcoal.
Coal is made up of coconut shells and 100% natural raw materials, making them particularly environmentally friendly. Zocomo Charcoals are coming in Hexagonal and cubic shape.
Hexagonal is the perfect format for your sessions. The hexagonal format guarantees easier handling during the sessions, preventing accidents with the charcoal. Perfect for enjoying great moments with friends.

Zocomo high-quality charcoal, burns slowly and for a long time, guaranteeing more than 90 minutes sessions. Just prepare the shisha pipe, control the charcoal, and relax.

All the Zocomo coals are produced observing environment-friendly rules. Coconut shell is using for manufacturing and materials that are 100% natural.
Dimensions of one carbon: 26 x 26 x 26 mm
The box contains 64 carbons
Burning time: about 90 min
Country of origin: Indonesia

You can have the Zocomo charcoal in 500g, 1KG, 2KG, or 12KG boxes


Hookah Charcoals

Zocomo charcoal 26mm 1kg

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