Differences between dark and blond Hookah Tobacco?

Hookah tobacco bowls shisha

Shisha Tobacco

But what are the actual differences between dark and blond Hookah Tobacco?

When it comes to choosing the right Shisha tobacco from a Hookah shop, you are often faced with a multitude of brands, combinations of tastes, and different colors and sizes, with the two main types being blonde and dark tobacco. It is a fact that every type of tobacco differentiates the final taste of your hookah and, therefore, the overall smoking experience.

The essential variances lie in the location and the way of production, the power of the final taste, the method of aromatization, but also in the percentage of nicotine that each one contains. For this reason, a special way of burning and a different type of bowl is usually required to achieve the optimal result of smoking and steam in each of them.

So, let’s note the main contrasts between dark and blonde tobacco in detail.

Hookah tobacco bowls shisha
Clay bowls for hookah tobacco

Dark Shisha tobacco

The dark tobacco is produced from unwashed tobacco leaves, which means they have retained all their nicotine content, offering a more complete overall smoking experience and giving a strong, earthy taste to your steam. These leaves are flavored with molasse, thus giving a dark brown color to the final product.

In the trade, you can find black tobacco with a nicotine content of even more than 5%. For this reason, this type is usually preferred by experienced smokers, with high resistance to nicotine, who want a more “heavy” and intense taste in their hookah. The dark smoke ties in gently with the flavors, giving you a long-lasting, dense steam experience.

The ideal combustion for dark tobacco is achieved in narrow, “tight” smoke bowls, such as those with a phunnel style.

Blonde Shisha tobacco

The blonde tobacco involves washing the tobacco leaves during the production process, thus reducing the percentage of nicotine they contain, therefore giving a rich, light taste to your steam. This process reduces the intensity of nicotine, while the preservation of leaf sugars allows better absorption of additional flavors. These are thicker leaves and therefore more resistant to high temperatures. The taste of these leaves is enriched with honey, providing a sweet, pleasant taste and golden color to the final product.

Blonde tobacco usually has a nicotine content of up to 3%. That is why it is recommended for beginner hookah smokers, but also for those who want a lighter smoking experience. In blonde tobacco blends, the tobacco elaboration helps to create a lighter flavor which means a sweeter hookah smoking experience with a rich flavor of additional aromas.

The ideal combustion for this type of tobacco is achieved in any simple tobacco bowl, such as those of the fluff pack type.

These are the actual differences between dark and blond Hookah Tobacco.

The final choice is up to you!

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