We’re a Hookah Shop based in Greece, shipping all over the world.

We love Hookah and everything about Shisha!


About us

We’re a team passionate about the Hookah journey, turning this Shisha passion into a lifetime shopping experience.

What we are doing in this Hookah world

Our Shisha passion

Wondering what makes a Hookah so special in Greece and beyond!

It is not a hobby. It is not a habit. It is not an addiction.

It is passion. It is devotion. It’s a Shisha way of life.

Hookah is more than just a smoking habit. It is a whole tradition. An activity that brings people together. A philosophy that forms a way of life for many people in the western world. And that is exactly what we want to share with the world through our products.

We are a passionate team of hookah experts who aspire to cross every border and share our love and knowledge about this favorite smoking activity, featuring a variety of Hookahs, hookah accessories, and hookah tobacco that suit every personal taste and style.

Our Hookah mission

Our mission is to grant you a unique smoking experience that will offer you exceptional moments with those you choose to share it with.

This is why we have created a wide range of styles, items, colors, and materials since our philosophy is that every hookah is as special as each of our customers!

Our Hookah Store is one of the most famous and reliable brands on the market, as well as everything related to them: hookah accessories, bases, bowls, heating devices, and hoses.

We also offer quality charcoal and excellent quality tobacco with balanced flavors for all tastes. Of course, we do not leave non-tobacco lovers but devoted hookah fans out, offering a great selection of fantastic no-tobacco flavors.

We don’t only operate in Greece. We ship our products to every single corner of the world, giving all hookah fans the opportunity to share their passion with us.

Our commitment

We do not compromise with a simple hookah trade. We offer only high-quality and excellent products that we use ourselves too, and we are always looking for new hookahs with innovative design and optimal functionality that will take off our customers’ smoking experience.

Our main commitment is to provide you with excellent quality and safe products at the best possible prices. The optimal service and the constant support of our customers by only experienced staff is the highest priority of our company.

Our goal

Our goal is to give you a new enjoyable e-shopping experience, creating an easy-to-use and reliable online shop featuring a variety of carefully selected and feasible hookah products, making the user’s experience richer and, above all, safer.

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