Why a glamorous Hookah is the ultimate Christmas present

Why a Hookah is the ultimate Christmas present you can make

The Christmas holidays are approaching fast and you still have not even an idea of the perfect Christmas gift you can give to your beloved one? What’s better than a complete hookah set? It is an original, special, and very useful gift with special value for the people you have in high esteem.

Aladin Shisha MVP Greece

But what makes a hookah the perfect Christmas present for smokers and not? A great shisha is a highly useful item that is a special source of enjoyment for its users, something that gives it a special value and personal importance, in addition to the other benefits it offers.

Let’s see in detail the main reasons that make a hookah the most perfect gift to buy this December for those you love and cherish:


A Hookah is a special gift

This is a simply original idea that will excite any of your recipients, especially if they are smokers! But even if it is not, they can also use it for healthy smoking without tobacco, since a hookah can offer equal pleasure without the use of nicotine! It clearly differs from the items that one may not use or do not like, since a hookah can be adapted to any particular taste and preference and will make the recipient look forward to using it again and again!

Aladin Shisha MVP Greece
Aladin Shisha MVP Greece

It is a useful gift

A hookah is an item that will definitely not fall into disuse while promoting the idea of relaxation and enjoyment, so the person who will accept this gift will especially appreciate this short break that he will experience every time he uses it. He will remember you as the one who gave him the most relaxing moments of the day! Even when not used by your recipient, it is a wonderful decorative item, bringing an oriental aura to the room where it is placed! Of course, it is a gift that can be used all year round and not just seasonally, something that gives it even more usefulness!


A Shisha is a personal gift

The hookah, strange as it may seem, is a very personal gift. There is so much variety and so many different styles in hookahs, that you will surely find the one that will suit the tastes and will meet the special expectations of your recipient! Even more, you can give your own personal touch to the shisha you will donate, by paying special attention to its color, appearance, or even its accessories. As an additional gift, you can also choose a whole range of flavors or hookah accessories according to the special preferences of the recipient.


It is an affordable gift

A hookah is an economical gift idea, as you do not have to spend a fortune to buy it. There are hookahs that fit every possible pocket and budget, from small, practical, and portable, such as the Celeste X3 shisha, to luxurious and elaborate hookahs, such as the Steamulation Exclusive The Cheetah. However, their quality remains optimal in every possible size.

Aladin Shisha MVP500 Greece
Aladin Shisha MVP Greece

It is an ideal gift for winter

Winter equals cold, which is why it is the period when most of us prefer to relax in the warmth of our home. A hookah is a perfect companion for these cold days and nights, whether one enjoys it alone or with friends. Do not forget that it is also an ideal means of socialization since many groups prefer to gather around it and share it with smiles and a relaxing mood!

Of course, a complete hookah kit as a Christmas gift can be combined with amazing seasonal flavors from Vulkana Hookah, such as Mastic Magic, reminiscent of a traditional greek syrupy dessert or Yia Yia’s Tsoureki with unsurpassed bun flavor, as well as sweet Moca and Bavarian Cream. Don’t forget the best charcoal for Hookah as well.

If your beloved one already has a hookah, then the ideas for an unsurpassable Christmas gift are even easier and more imaginative, by choosing between special hookah accessories, such as a Kaloud Samsaris head for Lotus ii or even an ultimate original Werkbund bowl!

Your choices are endless, but the goal is only one: To give warm, Christmas smiles by donating a beautiful hookah!

Aladin Shisha MVP460 Greece
Aladin Shisha MVP460

We are here to help you choose the best for your loved ones! Navigate to Hookah Shop Greece or contact us to help you find the perfect hookah gift for this Christmas! And what’s best; you will have it at your door in just a few days!

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