Steamulation Hookah

Steamulation Ultimate Shisha

Steamulation Ultimate Shisha details/specifications:

  • Weight: 3,9kg,
  • Size: 52cm,
  • X-Blow Off + compatible,
  • Cooling Diffuser compatible,
  • Cooling Control compatible,
  • Sleeve compatible (Big),
  • 4 hose connections.

Hose, Shisha bowl and mouthpiece are not included in delivery package

Moon Gravity:

Moon Gravity technology has perfected the 4-hose draft to perfection. The difference in smoking behavior between 1-hose and 4-hose models is mainly due to the need for check valve balls.

Dual Connection System:

For the first time, the two patented and most modern locking technologies in the world have been combined – the integration of SteamClick AND Xpansion allows you to use your hookah more flexibly than ever before – without any adapters.

Purge Pro:

The Steamulation Ultimate has
the world’s most advanced blow-out system for multi-tube hookahs. The unique Steamulation Purge Pro valves allow anyone you want to smoke with to easily blow out the bowl without having to remove valve balls.

Cooling control compatibility:

The optional Cooling Control Adapter optionally directs part of the air blown out back into the upper smoke column to the tobacco head. This allows the tobacco head to be cooled in a targeted manner. The air volume is adjustable and can be switched off or remain permanently activated.

X Blow Off + compatibility:

You can also use the well-known X-Blow Off + with your Steamulation Ultimate. The blow-off plate can be activated and deactivated by turning the blow-off plate below the charcoal plate. With the well-known X Blow Off, you have 31 different blow-off options. Choose your favorite!

AirFlow Control:

AirFlow Control including overpressure control!
For your perfect smoking experience. Each hose connection can be individually adjusted to ensure the optimum draught for every user.

Dip Tube Control:

Thanks to Dip Tube Control, you can easily adjust the dip tube of your Steamulation Ultimate to different sized bowls and the optimum water level in 10 stages.

Advanced diffuser:

A floating ball in the diffuser prevents the water column from rising and oscillating in the immersion tube. When you put it on, you immediately feel a pleasant draught and tightening, as water does not have to be displaced from the dip tube first.

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steamulation-ultimate silver metallic
Steamulation Ultimate Ναργιλές, 52cm

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