AMY UFO Silicone Head with Heat Box, Black


UFO Silicone Head with Heat Management Device, AMY Deluxe

Hookah bowl AMY Deluxe Stone in black & blue color will provide optimum heat distribution for your hookah tobacco to enjoy Shisha sessions

The Amy UFO set consists of a silicone single hole Head and heat management device. In addition, you always need thanks to the silicone head no head gasket and should be able to head it at any time hold, without the risks of burning. The tip itself helps to hold the heat in your head.

Advantages of the UFO system:

  • No aluminum foil is necessary,
  • Perfect heat regulation thanks to ventilation slits.

Dimensions of UFO Heat Box:

  • Total height: approx. 16 cm,
  • Tobacco head height: approx. 12 cm,
  • Tobacco head diameter: 8 cm

Very good quality bowl and HMD at an affordable cost for your Shisha

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AMY Deluxe Shisha Bowl UFO
AMY UFO Silicone Head with Heat Box, Black


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