Silicone Bowl for Shisha, DUM


Silicone Bowl for Shisha

The medical-grade silicone used in these Silicone bowls is easy to clean and washable. Simply rinse it out with water after every smoke session and never again worry about flavors ruining the next session.

These bowls combine silicone’s advantages to make some of the best Shisha bowls on the market. These bowls are not possible to break so you will have them for years, so a hookah bowl made from silicone is a very good investment.

Also, you will never need any grommets to seal the bowl, as silicone will seal everything.

Another great thing to consider, is that silicone bowls are easy and fast to move around and handle, as they don’t conduct any heat, in addition to normal clay bowls.

This also means that fewer natural hookah charcoals required as there is not any heat loss to the bowl body.

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Silicone Bowl Nargile blue
Silicone Bowl for Shisha, DUM


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