AMY Deluxe Heat Box


AMY Heat Box, Aluminum Heat Management Device from AMY Deluxe

Made of high-quality aluminum, the AMY Heat Box is a heating controller that offers the possibility of considerably extending the duration of your session.

Designed for Bowls chicha whose diameter is between 6.8 and 7.3 cm, the Amy Heat Box is a device composed of 2 parts: A lower part designed to hold your chicha charcoal and a lid with a handle. No more aluminum foil, your shisha tobacco is protected from direct contact with the charcoal!

The operation of this heating system for hookah is simple: When the lid is put on, heat accumulates, and the temperature rises. To prevent the tobacco from overheating, the excess heat is evacuated through the side and top slots.

Deep, the Amy Heat Box is capable of accommodating all sizes of natural charcoal, even 26mm coal.

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