Cloud one Taste for Shisha, 50gr


Cloud one Shisha flavor, 50gr

Cloud One shisha flavor is the new nicotine-free shisha taste.

Do you want to discover the new Cloud One taste for shisha?

Cloud One hookah flavor is a hookah flavor available in several flavors (Lemon Chill, L66, Mamor, Absolue 0, Green nana…).

Composed of vegetable cellulose, the Cloud One Shisha Taste is available in several variations. Don’t hesitate to take several to test and make up your own mind.

CLOUD ONE is a product based on cellulose fiber, glycerin, and flavors, made in Germany. The CLOUD ONE has an appearance similar to classic shisha molasses but without tobacco or nicotine, and creates a cloud of flavored vapor on contact with heat. It can be used with any type of bowl, phunnel or vortex – and any type of heating system such as Kaloud Lotus, Brohood, Provost, or more simply Aluminum foil.

CLOUD ONE 50γρ σιζε, is available in a multitude of flavors that will remind you of the most famous shisha tobacco!

Cloud One 50 gr Γεύση Ναργιλέ Double Apple Mint
Cloud one Taste for Shisha, 50gr
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