Ice Frutz Xtra, 100g, Gel for Shisha


Ice Frutz gel, 100g, Shisha Fruit Taste

Ice frutz produces steam instead of smoke. This method is ideal for those that prefer to use non-tobacco Shisha alternatives in their sessions, hookah lounges in cities with indoor smoking bans, and international customers that want to experience delicious flavorful steam without the risk of Shisha tobacco import duties.

Ice frutz will save you money and respect your taste especially for hookah fans who prefer to smoke traditional shisha tobacco molasses yet have health concerns related to smoking tobacco.

Ice Frutz gel is one of the best-selling shisha tobacco substitutes in the world. This flavored gel is available in dozens of flavor variations, reproducing the flavor of many shisha tobaccos. Ice Frutz gel works on the principle of vaporization and is a particularly interesting alternative to tobacco since it is nicotine-free and it does not work on the principle of combustion. Ice Frutz Gel is used in place of shisha tobacco and should be placed in the hearth of your hookah.

It is advisable to use a bowl with holes in the upper part, such as funnels, so that the gel cannot escape into the column of your hookah. Under the effect of the heat, the Ice Frutz gel transforms into a white and fragrant vapor that will allow you to make pretty clouds with your shisha! Ice Frutz gel does not contain nicotine and is therefore not addictive.

The extraordinary variety of flavors of Ice Frutz allows you to renew the pleasures, especially as the gels can of course be mixed together by your care so as to create surprising cocktails! For better preservation of the aromas of your Ice Frutz shisha gel, carefully close the jar after use.

Ice Frutz Xtra 100g Greece
Ice Frutz Xtra, 100g, Gel for Shisha
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