The best natural coconut charcoal for your hookah

The best natural coconut charcoal for your Shisha

The adequate choice of charcoal for “cooking” your Shisha tobacco in your bowl is very important for the result of the taste of the steam that your hookah will produce. Many hookah users choose the quick-lighting charcoals to light their hookah in less than 5 minutes and not waste time burning their charcoal. This tactic is wrong, as quick-burning coals contain chemicals that are harmful to human health, but also interfere with the taste of tobacco, and therefore the final steam of your hookah. For this reason, when it comes to your charcoal, it is wise to always opt for natural Hookah charcoal, which contains health-friendly ingredients without unnecessary additives.

There is a wide variety of natural coconut charcoal brands on the market, with the best-known ones being One Nation, Tom Coco charcoal, Zocomo, and others.

Tom Cococha: The pioneer in natural coconut charcoal

The most famous natural coals on the market are those of the German brand Tom Cococha. It is the world-leading producer in the production of natural charcoal for hookah in the trade, having over 30 years of experience in this field. The idea of using charcoal on a hookah bowl started from the well-known barbecue grill practice. For this reason, the charcoals used by hookah users were originally made of wood, just as the ones used for cooking food.

Over the years, Tom Cococha has upgraded its products and marketed natural charcoals made exclusively from coconut shells, which are completely odorless and tasteless, defeating the old, traditional coals in performance, and vanishing them from the market. This is because their coals stand out, being organic, environmentally friendly, and efficient. They are produced from the residues of coconut husks leftover from the production of other coconut products and have by nature a high energy value, as they are produced under high-pressure conditions and are able to provide large amounts of heat. To seal the brand renewal and separate itself from the many imitations that sought to tarnish its prestige, Tom Cococha was renamed, Tom Coco. The renewed Tom Coco brand uses high-quality production standards, taking the sustainability and protection of the environment very seriously, while it has significantly improved the quality of its charcoals.

The advantages of using natural coconut charcoal in your hookah

The significant advantages of natural coconut charcoals for shisha are what made them stand out and become so famous in the market: The high heat, the efficient combustion with minimal ash production, and the clear view of the heat while burning make the coconut briquettes a product that could have been created exclusively for relaxed, ideal hookah smoking sessions. In addition, Tom Coco’s variety of shapes and types of natural coconut briquettes, as adapted to the individual needs of Shisha smokers for many years, allows them to be enjoyed in any kind of hookah type or bowl.

Tom Coco’s unique natural charcoals are distributed around the world through its distinguished partners. The high quality of their construction makes it one of the highest-quality, value-for-money brands on the market, making it extremely attractive to experienced hookah connoisseurs. Its coals come in many formations with different characteristics to meet every possible need of shisha smokers. Its top series are Tom Coco Silver, Tom Coco Blue, Tom Coco Gold C26, and Tom Coco Hexagonal. Its coals come in a variety of shapes to choose the one that suits you best, such as cubes, hexagons, semicircles, and discs, as well as in different sizes, such as one-kilo packs or even three- kilo packs, depending on the consumption and the frequency with which you smoke.

With its products, Tom Coco ensures not only the protection of the environment but also that of man, since it does not use any chemical in its production process that harms the health of the smoker. At the same time, its coals are absolutely odorless and tasteless, guaranteeing the completely unaffected taste of your tobacco and ensuring a unique, healthy, and unforgettable smoking experience, with delicious and authentic clouds! It is no coincidence that the most experienced hookah connoisseurs choose only Tom Coco for their smoking!

Buy Tom Coco’s famous charcoals

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